28 January 2008

Southern Culture...is NOT on the skids.

Sometimes I have to ask myself, "Who am I kidding? I can no longer keep up this charade of pretending that I'm not the writer of Fictional Rockstar, the writer prone to hyperbole and sheer goofiness!" I am so over being serious right now.

Lately, I've been missing that writer. The one who just had fun.

So, I made my own New Year's resolution. To get out of DC and see as many cities and visit as many friends as possible.

This weekend, I went to Atlanta. I had so much Coca-Cola that I could have flown myself to the moon. I was nearly coersed into leaving all that I knew and going to work for Coke, but I managed to escape their siren song. I saw a cool university, visited some great classes, and started missing teaching . Again. I ate delicious, delicious food. My hostess, Megarita, is just fantastic. I had so much fun and met terrific people and enjoyed everything! She made a wonderful dinner for four people and kept us chatting well into the evening. I love having such sophisticated friends.

Did I feel a little guilty eating fried catfish, oysters and shrimp after going to the aquarium and taking all of these photographs? For sure. But I ate them anyway because they were delicious. Very, very delicious.

I'm also trying to convince two friends to come and visit me. I don't know that one will actually come, but it might be one of those things in which I send the invitation and say, "Now it is up to you."

This new camera is awesome. I swear.

I have been told that 2008 is the year that I have to make some big decisions.

So I can't promise anything with this blog. At this point, if I post something, it's probably not going to be serious or contemplative. And I know that there are things about which I could be super snarky, but I don't feel like that either. Although, secretly, I would like to be snarky like this penguin.


Benny K said...

Hey, just letting you know I'm still an avid (and consistently-reading-your-blog) fan. Just one problem -- you came to Atlanta and didn't visit me? Sheesh! I can't believe you wouldn't devote your time and energy into hunting down someone you hardly know and demanding that that person meet you for an incredibly awkward lunch, simply because that person has commented on your blog before! Isn't that half of the fun of having a blog?

Megarita said...

Great pics! That aquarium is just unstoppable, but I'm still having weird coke flashbacks (You are now entering the Happiness Factory!). Thanks for coming down and making me look good. :)

a little of this, a little of that... said...

A year for big decisions because of procrastination in previous years? Best of luck figuring everything out.

susan said...

That is most assuredly the snarkiest penguin I have ever seen. And I have seen some snarky penguins. Of what sort is your sweet new camera? And are you going to include the west coast in these out of town sojourns of yours? Airfare, shmairfare... ;)

Airam said...

Was that a seahorse in one of the pics?

And snarky is good.

Dexter Colt said...

Is that a little Guy Fawkes I spy? Or perhaps it's Marcel Marceau?

A year of big decisions? Well, it is a voting year.

cuff said...

The idea of visiting places is great. Do it while you're young. Or anytime really. However, don't go to Houston. It's a total waste of time.

ma said...

Benny, Oh my goodness! I should have contacted you. I could have met you and Edison! :)

Megarita, For sure. You are the best hostess ever.

alot, I don't know. Possibly.

Susan, My new camera is a Sony 8.1 mp H-series. I love it.

Airam, Yes, I think that the seahorse has a fancier name, but he's great, isn't he (or she)?

Dexter Colt, Indeed it's all of the above.

Cuff, I can't say I won't go to Houston as I know some people who are in the area, but I can understand why people might not like it.