18 February 2008

Life lessons.

1. The phone works two ways. It always did.

2. You can't ever go back there again.

3.Everyone needs nice people to keep himself or herself grounded. (Remember that you, yourself are nice. )

4. You may be the one overthinking your conversation while talking to a comfortable, nonchalant, breezy, confident, properly womaned and happy individual who used to be your closest friend. But in the end you'll try to indicate that you hope that things are good for him. Very awkwardly.


a little of this, a little of that... said...

1. As does snail mail and email.

2. You can go back, but the place, the people, and you will be different...which amounts to trying to make changed things as they once were. In other words, I agree here, too.

3. This one sounds like a line from the 'sunscreen' track that Baz Luhrman did back in the day.

4. Really didn't follow this one, but if it relates to #2, I think it is usually awkward for everyone.

Chimmy's Ghost said...

You CAN go back again. It is just very awkward.

cuff said...

I have to say that I agree with all four. But I have a tendency to overthink or underthink. It all depends.