15 May 2008

Solitude in the Country.

I've just returned from a few days in the country (Troy, North Carolina, to be exact).

I'm still processing thoughts about the demise of small southern towns, bungalow houses (which are my new love right now), modern houses (prefab and otherwise) built on beautiful stretches of land, and of course, bathtubs. Oh, and geckos (if you look in the corner of the photo, there is another one vying for a little bit of fame).

I will, of course, write about all of these things and more in the coming days and weeks. I'm just in a pensive mood, y'all, and feeling deeply connected to the south right now.

(I made up with a dear friend, let some stuff go into the wind, spent some time alone and really liked being somewhere that I couldn't get everything I thought wanted in a 10 minute walk.)

Take a close look at the photos, and I promise, for the three readers who are left, I will write a lot soon.


susan said...

I like the lilies. Very delicate.

a little of this, a little of that... said...

My favorite of these is the road, cutting through the trees and leading over the hill in the distance. No matter where we are, we use some form of road (including sidewalks and railroads) to help us get there, or at least part of the way. And to help us find our way back.

Megarita said...


At my canada conference, where we all had to introduce myself, I shared that "I was from further south than any of you people, so watch out."

Claven said...

Yes, I heard Megarita had enough of that Hussein.

suicide_blond said...

i have mixed feelings when i return to the south...
sooo much of who i am...good and bad... reallly comes from growing up there...sooo im looking forward to your musings