31 July 2008

Chastisements and Suggestions.

After a difficult workout yesterday (and by difficult, I mean that it felt like I was running and stair climbing through molasses), I trudged to the metro, and trudged to the Tivoli Giant (the grocery store).

A young man was putting bananas out on display and I grabbed one bunch and put it in the cart. He said to me, "You could have taken them out of the box."

Now, I could certainly take this one of two ways:

a) I ruined his design and he was cross with me for getting in the way.


b) He wanted me to get the freshest bananas.

I'm not sure what to think, really.

And recently, one of my readers (but not commenters) told me that my blog was "all over the place." I reinterpreted the statement for him and said, "Yes. It has been fairly shitty (and perhaps a little emotionally overwrought) lately."

Funny thing is, I really don't care. In another life, on another blog I would have tried to make things more interesting, or I would have returned to writing about "smart" things. As it is, this is a self indulgent activity and to my great forturne and chagrin, some people seem to derive some pleasure out of reading it, or they at least waste some time--particularly now that Scrabulous has been removed from Facebook.

I've spent far too much time worrying about who is reading this thing and why--particularly in the past. Now?

Whatever. I refuse to give a crap.

I write. You read for whatever reason, or you stop reading for whatever reason.

I'm still going to write. Well, at least until I stop.


Essentially Me said...

Just keep writing the way you are writing. I like that you write about all those different thoughts that float in your head.

And maybe that banana dude was just protective of his display. Who knows why people say the things they say.

Casey said...

If you stop writing, I will shoot you.

Jenni said...

You can write about bananas and drugs all you like, and I will still keep reading.

Next time, tell the banana man to go in the back and sniff some C02 out of the Ready Whip can with the rest of the employees and chill.

Pascal Ebert said...

First - the banana lad. You should go back and ask him what he meant by his statement. You may not get an answer but you will certainly get a story as will he. Whether they know it or not most people like surprises.

Second - Writing styles & tendencies - I would have to say that if I wanted monotone and pedantic predictability then I would just read my own writings. I much prefer yours and would encourage you continue to fire random shots across the bow whenever you do or don't feel like it.

Besides, if you were to stop writing, I'd have to shoot Casey to restore balance to the collective.

Dexter Colt said...

You take any bananas you want dammit!

And, as for writing, random is interesting. Well, at least to me it is.

Keep doing what you do.

Jean said...

Please keep writing.

Reading this blog makes me feel much smarter (knowing you) than playing you in Scrabulous on Facebook. ;)