26 July 2008

Subtlety. A lost art. An open letter.

Dear Guy Graduate Student in the Elevator on Friday Afternoon,

I understand.

Perhaps you've not had a lot of experience with women because school has kept you busy. You're a smart, clever person who is working to complete a difficult degree. Many people in the building are doing the same thing.

It can be a difficult and lonely life.

However, when I get on to the elevator at the same time as you and your friend, there is no reason for you to stare at my chest the ENTIRE time we are forced to be in that steel box.
You didn't even look away when I subtly tried to draw your attention to this fact.

(The hilarious part is that I wasn't even wearing anything that remotely drew attention to said body parts.)

I'm sure that there could have been any woman standing in my place who would have gotten the same, creepy chest stare down that I was so very privileged to receive.

But I'm a lot more forgiving than some people. Do that again to another woman and she may punch you in the face.

Careful there, Ace.

Annoyed, but amused,



Casey said...

Sorry. I guess I was staring.

Megarita said...

I want to know how you subtly mentioned it! A finger pointing upwards? shadow puppets on your cleavage? What?

Jennifer said...

I think it's so funny how some people can be extremely intelligent, but yet still be completely socially retarded.
That guy needs to get laid...

Funny story about men staring at boobs. A few weeks ago I wore a black dress that is a bit too low cut for work, so I pinned it with a safety pin that you could BARELY see.
I was in one of my stores speaking with two of my clients when the male client asked me "Why do you have a safety pin on your dress" to which the female client moved in closer to my chest, squinted, and said "Gee, Joel, that's a VERY small pin, how in the world could you have noticed that unless you were STARING at her chest?!


Pascal √Čbert said...

A dear friend whom I will never see again once wore a black shirt with almost imperceptible type across the chest that read 'STOP STARING AT MY ASS.'

I miss her a lot. Thank you for helping her memory alive.

Pascal √Čbert said...

(and of course that would read 'thank you for helping KEEP her memory alive')