13 August 2008

Here's to you, Olympics.


I was dared to do a cartwheel.

I'm 32 years old.

I took the dare--inspired by the gymnastics that I was watching.

I know that I can swim at least a 50 IM -- butterfly/backstroke/breaststroke and freestyle--without dying.

(It would take me like 20 minutes to do it and I'm okay with that. One day soon I'll get back in the pool and spend 9 years to become like Dara Torres)

So then, I went outside at 11:30pm in Columbia Heights and did a cartwheel.

It was pretty awesome.

You should all try one. But you can't sue me if you hurt yourselves.

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Claven said...

Kinda unrelated...I've become a better distance swimmer than I was ten years ago. Sprinting...I have no idea. Then again, I haven't swam an actual race in about 15 years.