28 September 2008

Last Cartoon. (Woot.) Dedicated to Megarita.

This September hasn't been the greatest for me. I hope that it was really fantastic for the rest of you. I'm ending September with another cartoon, but this will be my last. It's hard to draw these things on MS Paint. I had fun.

As you two readers did last time, click on the cartoon to enlarge and read. See you in October!

Please read about John Marston. He needs the attention.


Dexter Colt said...

William Gifford, perhaps the eighteenth century's most devoted reader of Jonson, called Marston "the most scurrilous, filthy and obscene writer of his time."

I'd be friends with him.

Read The Malcontent online.

Dexter Colt said...

And, no more cartoons?! Never?

alot, alot said...

These are fabulous, but it seems like they would take a great deal of time.

I hear stick figures are easier to draw in MS Paint...

Megarita said...

Yeah! Marston: "Sometime attorney." That's awesome. I didn't know he was a blond! :)

I'm off to teach Marlowe's Edward II with a new sense of purpose!!

cuff said...

I enjoyed this immensely. Kit should say "Woot" or perhaps "I greet thye good fortune happily! Yea, merrily I say Woot!"

Not being a scholar (I could perhaps stop there) of the era or the Brits in general, I am woefully ignorant of Marston. But if he's "scurrilous, filthy and obscene" I'd better check up on him.