03 September 2008

One reason why I am awesome.

There are times--and they are few and far between--when I am wittier than the average individual. However, when I have my really good days, I'm usually surrounded by my friends who outshine me in that department. Where I am quick, they are quicker, and where I am funny, they are funnier.

This is not to say that I cannot hold my own.

Two of my best friends at work are complexly witty. I watched them with a student this afternoon--two professorial intellects aiming to help what I found to be a slightly helpless student. And for once, I wasn't the student (yes!). Their wit is a combination of puns, grammatical turns, clever half explained sports metaphors and downright cleverness.

Another friend of work thought that perhaps I expected too much out of my students--wit and intellectual curiousity are positively "unAmerican traits" in his opinion. And perhaps that is true, but I will try to fight against lethargy, broad assumptions and, at the very least, make the little buggers think or at least try(!) to think.

My wit seems to have encouraged an anonymous reader to want to advertise on my blog. To that, I must decline. My wit is not for sale, and neither is my readers'. I belong to no one on this blog except myself.

I'm off to put together a syllabus and think about the future. It's an interesting exercise suggested by a friend. Let's see what I come up with.

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cuff said...

Which is the interesting part, putting together the syllabus or thinking about the future? Or is the syllabus the future?

In the last syllabus I designed I found on further review that most of the books were out of print...that's not a good omen.