04 December 2008

Welcome to Petworth.

Before I moved to this neighborhood, I read a little bit of a blog that has Petworth as its subject.

I think that the blog certainly has its uses, but it's mostly of the "OMG Petworth is the best!!!!" variety. The superlatives and adulation might just be a bit too much for me. I know that I too am prone to hyperbole, and I probably said many nice things about Columbia Heights because I don't want people to think badly of it. However, I think that living in the city has made me a little more skeptical, a little more cynical and a lot more realistic.

So I will say this:

I don't know what I think of Petworth just yet. I've just moved here. There are some cool things--like the nicest lady dentist in town, and there are some not so cool things--like the lack of a good grocery store. (The people who work there are nice. The produce is shite.) :(

However there is some hilarious stuff that happens here.

Take for example, my recent adventure to the rundown midcentury modern Safeway in my neighborhood. I don't know if it's Scary Safeway or the Unsafeway, or what, but it certainly needs some work. I went there to pick up some catfood for Miss Stella (who is getting older and crankier by the day).

As I crossed the parking lot, some man was finishing putting his groceries in his truck. The red empty Safeway cart (trolley) was sitting next to him. He turned to me and asked if I wouldn't mind taking the grocery cart back to the store.

Was he hurt? No.

Was he impaired in some way? Hell no.

But what does this man have the audacity to do?

He rolls the cart in my direction and it hits me in the leg! So I take the stupid cart back to the store. The jerkface shouts "Thank you!" as he pulls away in his truck.

Yeah, Mr. I write "OMG Petworth is perfect!" blog, it's not so perfect. *Some* people here are impolite.

But this part of town is growing on me.

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Dexter Colt said...

At first I thought this Petworth might be some new pet store chain.

Had you not been there this jackass probably would have sailed the cart into someone's parked car. Parking lots are a true test of a person's basic courtesy. I find that a majority of people fail miserably.