17 December 2008

Why I love Flight of the Conchords...

Other rappers dis me
Say my rhymes are sissy.
Why? Why? Why?
Why exactly?
What? Why?
Be more constructive with your feedback, please. Why?

Why, because I rap about reality?
Like me and my grandma drinking a cup of tea?
There ain't no party like my nanna's tea party.
Hey! Ho!

Because there isn't a tea party like a Nana's tea party.
I wish I could write songs/raps like this.


Megarita said...

they are flawless.

cuff said...

Brilliant stuff. I've only seen the show about three times, but loved every bit of it.

Was thinking about your old blog look a little while back when I noticed that the local guitar shop up here features danelectros in their window display.

Reid said...

Funny you should mention FOTC. I just saw that the first episode of season two just got posted online here.

Claven said...


m.a. said...

Megarita, They are.

Cuff, Awww. I miss it too sometimes.

Reid, Awesome. Thanks.

Claven, BURN! But I still like you. ;)

rini said...

You miss FOTC?

Just go to funny or die's website.

Sweet relief from FOTC withdrawal.

Murray sings!!! I mean really sings.

..and then Angels are "doin' it."