07 January 2009

Bring back the Polaroid Camera! Please!

At lunch with a new acquaintance/friend* I learned that we share a love of something so awesomely retro that it totally needs to come back into public consciousness and consumption (unlike leggings and the off-the-shoulder sweatshirts):

Yes. The Polaroid instant camera.

On my 25th birthday, I used my Polaroid and took pictures with fancy artsy black and white instant film. The photos were so much fun. In fact, one of my favorite pictures of myself (I only have three) was taken with that camera. I was barefoot standing in the middle of a yard in College Park, MD, and I was in a word, happy. The instant camera caught that moment.

The immediate satisfaction of a photograph taken with a Polaroid Instant camera is better than a camera phone or a digital camera. I think it has to do with the tangible object that is produced--something that doesn't have to do with pixels or megabytes. The picture belongs to you and no one else (unless of course it is scanned and put on the internets for the whole world to see--not that I would know about that). The Polaroid instant photograph is Romantic (capital R)-- it captures a moment and delivers it in a telltale format.

I looked on the internets to find the film for my little camera and it is hella expensive. Way more expensive than mid level professional grade B&W film. That saddens me a bit. However, I think that I might purchase a little piece of nostalgia before it disappears.

I do hope that the Polaroid instant camera (or even the Kodak Instamatic (TM) that totally infringed on the patent for the Polaroid) makes a comeback.

So many lamer things have come back. Why not this?

*Thanks for the introduction, Claven. xoxo!


the_real_phony said...

I agree, the polaroid camera is Romantic. It's something about how imperfect, and spontaneous it is. Hopefully it will be brought back in 10 years the way disney movies are, brought back from the polaroid vault... haha.

Dexter Colt said...

Comeback? The Polaroid might not be popular, but it certainly isn't dead. I know lots of people who use them...including myself.

Essentially Me said...

Polaroids are cool. I doubt they will ever become a lost artifact.

Meg said...

I remember that photo op! Same camera that took the picture of my huge head and tiny Myles? Awesome. There's something to be said for Polaroid and the shaking it inspires.

ma said...

TRF, I think that the polaroid vault would be a good way to preserve the camera.

DC, :( They are going to stop making the film this year.

EM, I hope not either, but...

Meg, You look adorable in those pictures! Myles too.

Claven said...

What thu? You thank me and use "hella" in the same post? What did I ever do to deserve this? I live in the Hella Area and want to punch the kids everytime I hear that.