04 January 2009

The City.

Damn it if I haven't been sucked in to watching yet another MTV production--from the makers of Laguna Beach (Yeah. I watched it and cringed every time I heard the name SteVEN! Team LC all the way!) and The Hills (although, admittedly, I watched that more sporadically because I couldn't keep with the schedule and got tired of the girlfriend drama).

But now? Now I have TiVo and The City.

Do I like the protagonist, Whitney? Well, yeah. I like her well enough.

Do I think that her 'hot' Australian boyfriend is hot? Um, no, not really. And I think he's a jerkface on top of that.

Do I like the other boy who loves her more? Hmmm. I haven't decided on that yet. I've only seen two episodes. I don't know about her taste in men. But then again, who am I to throw stones?

Do I wish that I were as tall as she is, have the killer legs that she does and could wear some of the clothes that she does? Well, hell yeah. I can still hope that the gym will create a miracle!

Would I give up my current job to go work for DVF (Dianne Von Furstenberg)? Yes, because that would be quite a change, wouldn't it?

And do I love this whole imaginary uptown/downtown richkid Manhattan dichotomy thing the producers have going on? Yeah, because I love false dichomoties like the best of them. Like the Petworth/Capitol Hill dichotomy. (Oooh. THAT actually exists now.)

I don't know what it is about these glossier, scripted reality television shows that pleases me to no end. I suppose it is because I am wonderfully human and dichotomous myself. I'm beginning to rediscover that quite well, on my own. Team MA!


alot, alot said...

"Scripted reality"... another false dichotomy, an oxymoron, or both?

Whenever the people in these shows become "famous" and crossover into other [tabloid] news, I often think of Baudrillard.

ma said...

Oooh, you're so right about that. It's all of those things. Baudrillard would love this stuff. And I love him for that--even though I didn't always get his writings.

the_real_phony said...

I love the city too. I really enjoy the uptown v downtown drama. I'm waiting for a west side story style dance off.

I love how Olivia sits in her apartment and bitches to her cousin about Whitney, because he's the only one who will listen.