24 January 2009

Just a few thoughts.

So, there’s this blog that I don’t read unless someone else lets me know about it because he or she is outraged by what the writer espouses for that week. Most of the time, it’s tripe about how only certain men (i.e. the author of the blog)can score with hot chicks, and other times it’s about what’s wrong with women over 30 why women in their 20s are way better. I think that if it makes the author feel better to pass on advice about how to get on in life by sleeping with younger women, more power to him.

But I read something by him this evening that just made me so angry I don’t want to even go into it. It was so mean.

But I guess, he has his fans and one day, when he’s old and gray, he can look back on his blog to remember what it was like to be young and worshiped by a few adoring fans.

I’ve never felt like I’ve had all the answers to anything, and I’ve never been so sure of myself that I would ever write generalizations about people the way that this person does.

These are just a few thoughts.


Airam said...

I almost wish you linked to him. But at the same time, I don't need to read something laced with negativity.

Casey said...

I think any sort of story telling requires some generalization, but it's like the root chord in a song. If you always go straight back to it, then you're not allowing yourself to be interesting. but you almost always resolve the progression eventually and end up right back at the heart of what you're doing. The root chord or the generalization. I hate it, and I hate my damn stats class for filling my head with the long, dirty view of humanity, but it happens.

I'm glad you avoid it.