14 January 2009

What do to for inauguration?

If you could live in the awesome, 'edgy' (sometimes dangerous and unpredictable and called the "Ghetto" by my pal Dr. N) part of DC called Petworth and could walk down to the inauguration, would you?

Please tell me. I'm not sure, but I might just sit and eat a nice breakfast and watch all of the events unfold on TV.

It might not be a bad way to spend the day.


Essentially Me said...


the_real_phony said...


i saw obama in a relativly unsafe neighborhood. i wouldn't go there at night, but during the day, especially a day all abot obama all is good

and why not be part of history!!

finer thing said...

I'd wake up that day and see how I felt and feel no compulsion to go or stay in until then.

Jackart said...

He's just a politician, but Hey! I'd go to see Charlie getting crowned so you should go and see your head of state get the job.

I can guess what he'll say. "Yes we can blah blah, change, Blah Blah, Historic, Blah... etc."

So go and see it.

Jenni said...

I'd go with you, but I am afraid I am frozen solid here in the great state of MN.

Go! Have fun!

alot, alot said...

Go for all of us that cannot because we don't live in the District?

It is a new day.

Dexter Colt said...

Have the breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day.

Gabe said...

I live in Petworth, and I can't wait to watch the inaugural---on my tv in my warm livingroom.