19 February 2009

This is one of those times.

I normally don't like to give undue attention to people who hardly deserve it, but I read a post by one of the most misogynistic writers I have ever encountered (and this, my friends, includes the Beat writers and Ayn Rand (maybe she wasn't misogynistic, but I can't stand her books)). This writer is certainly entitled to his opinion about women, but what makes me wildly uncomfortable is the amount of support that he seems to garner.

Here's an example of this material (I put the material in bold lest you think it actually belongs to me):

While I don't expect women — solipsistic creatures of child-like, morally underdeveloped minds — to ever lead the righteous in advocating for fairness and justice of the sort meted out by the Spanish courts, I do expect them to step in line and follow the strong men who will fight for these basic rights and for real justice, not Oprahfied, Lifetime channel justice. This will happen when men grow balls and stop kow-towing in fear to the lesbian bulldyke mafia who runs the womens studies cuntdustrial complex, because women by nature are followers, and where the pack goes, so go they. Women self-govern by a simple (simplistic) motto: "It's all in the numbers." Once a tipping popularity point is reached, women will abandon their old principles for the new principles with a speed that will prove the shallowness and expediency with which they hold their beliefs.

The generalizations that are made here are really disturbing. I have no problem that this writer encourages men to reexamine masculinity and figure out how they can get the most out their relationships with women and with each other. So many things in romance and love can end up being a ridiculous game. If dividing the male population into Alphas and Betas is necessary for him, fine.

(But I will add this. If one is an Alpha Male, does one need a blog? Shouldn't one be too busy with world domination, money or women to worry about giving advice to other men? When I think Alpha Male, I don't think 'man with advice blog.' I think of men with blogs about cars, math, science, economics, cooking, teaching, being a doctor, whatever. I think of Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs. Smart. Hot. Too busy to tell other men how to define themselves.) In any case, the sheer hatred that oozes from each post is mind blowing.

The writer of this blog was pointed out to me in a bar one evening a year or so ago. He seemed like an innocuous enough fellow. He was certainly attractive enough, and seemed like a man about town. So I was quite surprised when his identity was revealed to me.

I don't know if what he writes is more of a persona driven enterprise or if he is looking to be the next host of a reality show that encourages men to adhere to the "1/2 your age +5 (or is it 7) rule for dating women," or that "beauty=worth (unless you sleep around too much)" but with the above statements, the above language? These words do nothing but persuade me to believe that this blog is absolutely a manifesto of anger, malevolence, and hate. It makes me worry about the future of this city, this country and this planet.

But when it came to statements like this one: Women are "solipsistic creatures of child-like, morally underdeveloped minds," I was flabbergasted. Really? Every single woman he has ever encountered has a pack mentality?

I certainly hope that is not what the majority of men (and even the women who are fans of his blog) think about us. This writer continually rails against getting married and writes about fucking one hot girl after another. More power to him. I hope that he stays single and doesn't have children. I hope that he never has a daughter so that he never tries to instill a sense of subservience or weakness or worthlessness in her.

I'm disappointed that people find his writing edifying or interesting or worthwhile. It's sad that there are men who can't depend on their own natural charm and intelligence (and good looks if they are lucky enough to have them) to meet and date women (if they are interested in that endeavor).

It's even sadder that this writer has such a limited understanding about people in general. I try not to make a totalizing statement about any group of people. It's damning. It's ineffective. It's unproductive.

I'm sure that the writer would have something mean-spirited to say about me. I certainly don't fit into any of the models of femininity or womanhood as he so defines them. I'm not 5'7 and 110 lbs and I'm not a waitress, a part time model, or an air hostess from the 60s. Those women exist and I exist, and other women exist. We are all real, worthwhile and terrific.

I hope that this writer finds that 22 year-old beautiful, smart (but not too smart), subservient, loving, but not too loving woman. And then I hope that she stays 22 forever for him.


Meg said...

So funny reading this after teaching Book 4 of Paradise Lost, where we learn that Adam is built for God and Eve "for God in him." What's striking is that even 17th-century Milton (who has some serious lady issues) never goes to where this fellow goes. Huh. I appreciate most your parsing of the "if you're alpha why do you need to write about it" phenom.

Dexter Colt said...

I think he needs to read my soon-to-be-released guide on how to be a real man. I find that only weak, impotent men feel the need to dominate or have dominion over women. I bet you 20 bucks this guy got his little ego walked on by some woman and this is his way of dealing with it.

In my bizarro world I actually like women to be smart, independent, and strong-willed [and perhaps borderline crazy]. But, to each their own.

Velvet said...

Mmm. I still stand with my original opinion on all this. The writing is for hits and attention, making these PUA type guys the attention whores they like to cut down in their writings. Glass houses and all. And I'm sure that someday a woman will emerge who will make him renounce all his former childish ways.

All I can do is look at my man and shake my head and think: These PUA guys have no idea what a committed fulfilling relationship is, and they have no idea how to become a wonderful human being with a high capacity for love.

Washington Cube said...

Is this that guy that lives in his father's basement and writes about bagging women, but only if they meet his standards? I agree with Velvet. It's for the attention. What else do they have to say? I'm getting a hammer toe and centipedes bite my butt?

My code word is repolet. What could that mean?