31 March 2009

An Old Standby: Haiku Tuesday!

Forgive me, for I am out of practice.


So, I cannot hear
sound is clogged in my right ear
time to see someone.


Before I was silenced
by acute laryngitis
I did not sound good.


What is going on?
A sign for me to slow down?
Yes! Of course it is.


Me. This is all me.
Argh. How much more can you take?
Vacation time, please!


Blah. blah, blah, blah blah.
This is what I sound like now.
Yes, this will change soon.

Your haiku are appreciated, as always.


susan said...

I too have fallen
behind on my haiku-ing.
Hope you feel better.

susan said...

(Also, when you feel
back above the weather we
should meet each other!)

Washington Cube said...

I sit here with flu
Achoo instead of haiku
Yes, this will change soon

Cherry blossoms bloom
Construction next door goes boom
The world is all change

Nurture yourself now
Return stronger to the fray
Of life's constant needs

We will heal and write
We will return to the flow
Read my words and rest

Washington Cube said...

I put up our haiku on my blog today, in empathy. Hugs.