02 December 2009


I have a healthy respect for good design. In my own life, I tend to lean towards clean lines and occasional whimsy, but I see the absolute beauty in designs that completely veer from my own.

I might not necessarily employ decoupage or bright, exciting prints* in any of my endeavors, but I like to see what other people do with furniture and space and materials:

This version of decoupage is an absolute winner.

photo from http://www.ohdeedoh.com (Children's design blog)

I have this ultimate idea of how I want my aesthetic life to unfold. It's hard to articulate this idea (or these ideas) fully at the moment, but I know what I want when I see it. Lately, these ideas have been manifesting themselves in gifts and other surprising places.

(At a baby shower, my friend picked up the bag and said,  "This has MA written all over it." Well, MA and the fun gift bag she found at Target. Ha.)

I imagine that in another life, I was an interior architect, or clothes designer or something. Do I necessarily dress the part? No.  My apartment doesn't even really look the part. I think I'm more akin to those people who shy away from certain aspects of design because of cost prohibitiveness or a fear that certain things just don't work on me. I can certainly see how they work on others. For sure.

So for now, I'm still taking it all in at the moment, and I imagine that in a couple of years, maybe when I finally own a condo or a house, I'll let part of my aesthetic come to life.  For the other part, I suppose I'll have to give up sugar and spend much more time at the gym.

*I'm looking at you, Jenni. And I LOVE it.

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susan said...

Oh man, that Ohdeedoh blog is neat. Thanks for linking to it. :)