27 January 2010

Free Hugs.

There he was, standing in my old neighborhood in the middle of a busy sidewalk in Columbia Heights.

He had a sign that read, Free Hugs.

I didn't hug him as my arms were full of groceries, but I smiled.

He caught my eye and said, "You have great evening."

As I walked away, I heard a woman approach him and ask, "Honey, are you that lonely?" She then exclaimed, " Let me give you a hug!"

And she did.

Sometimes, even when things seem kooky, weird and strange, they are also kind of magical.

I send all three of you readers a big giant FREE HUG.


Jenni said...

Awwww! This is awesome!
FREE HUG right back at ya!

susan said...

Hugs all around :)

Jackart said...

I saw a guy with that placard in Banff British Columbia. I gave him a manly hug

Terance said...

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