02 February 2010

Back to the Wars.

I suppose that in order to resurrect the long neglected purpose of my writing, I decided to give the blog a slight makeover. Hopefully the photographs of neoclassical and classical warriors will illicit in me a desire to start addressing that which is socially, politically, intellectually or culturally compelling to me.

I was once told that I don't look for conflict in anything.  Lately, and today especially, I seem to be looking for conflict in everything.  So don't mess with me!

Right now, I've decided to conquer that which is only slightly annoying.

Mr. H said that all of my posts are 'adorable.'

Occasionally,  I admit, my posts can be cute or sweet and maybe, sometimes, they can be adorable. But all of them?  I find it difficult to believe that all of my post are adorable.  Some of them are witty, some are charming, some are clever and every once in a while they are serious.

Lately I've been feeling on the periphery for a variety of reasons.  The adorable periphery.

I don't want to be there anymore.


Jenni said...

Awwwwwww...What a cute little post! I want to hug it...and squeeze it...

Just kidding.

I don't know how I would react if someone were to call my blog "adorable."

A punch in the face, maybe? Yeah...Probably.


m.a. said...

I am trying to come up with something less adorable and more edgy to write about, but I'm just watching the snow fall.

You're used to it in Minnesota, but we can't deal!