18 August 2010

That's it.

I can't take it anymore.  There doesn't seem to be a forum for me to ask questions or make comments about the state of the way boys dress in my neighborhood.

I would like to scream to the heavens. WHY?  Or at least look up in askance.

Why is it that bird chested, shirtless, youths with cigarettes hanging out of their mouths insist on wearing their trousers well below their rear ends showing their underwear to the world?

I, for one, do not wish to see this.

I don't care if I am considered it old fashioned or unhip or unsympathetic to today's inner city youths, or  at least the ones on my street dressed (or not dressed) in the way that they are.

They look like hoodlums.  They act like hoodlums.  Ergo, they are hoodlums.  One of them told me that he would slap me for not holding open a door for him to my building. He doesn't live in the building. Were I a big burly man, that crap would not have come out of his mouth.

To these miscreants I write the following:

Wear a damned shirt. Pull up your damned pants and go to school. I pay for your education. Use it, damn it. Use it and become productive people, or I will kick your ass.

I'm tired of you. I'm just tired.


Jackart said...

You could always pop a cap in their asses.

Is there such a thing as an anthrological ethnography of Gangland or an academic study of underclass semiotics?

If there isn't perhaps you could make it a field of study...

m.a. said...

Why would I want to study that. Your snottiness is not welcome here. Not today.