15 January 2008

Throat Culture.**

I'm feeling a little run down and my throat hurts.

I'm going to wait to see how I feel in two days before going to bother my doctor about it. And if I do have to go and get checked out, I won't fight my doctor to give me medications that I don't need. Too many people do this.

I'm not going to participate in the "I know better than the physician" trend that seems to be going around.

See, Dr. CE? I'm being what you call a "good patient."

This post is totally not up to par. Mea culpa. I could blame my throat, I suppose.


cuff said...

I am down now as well. The back is better...thank goodness...but the entire family seems to be playing pass the baton fever and cold relay race. It's my turn now, with my son just getting over it.

Chicken soup, water, reading in bed.

suicide_blond said...

you better not be feigning a sore throat so you can get out of going out with me this weekend! ;-) hope you feel better soon.. and you too cuff...xoxo

Casey said...

So, now you know what "culture" is. I applaud you.

Airam said...

Hope you feel better soon!