28 February 2008

Open Letter to woman climbing escalator stairs on Metro yesterday evening.

Dear Madam,

I know that I'm not a rail thin waif model, but I do know that I don't take up a huge amount of room when I stand (correctly, I might add) on the right side of the metro escalator.

Normally, I walk up the left side, but with this cold, I cough too much to get any benefit from this practice. So at the end of yesterday's reasonable commute, I stood on the right holding my work bag close to my body. The woman behind me was doing the same.

You, madam, have a wide swing and a large gait, much like one of those NFL linebackers. You elbowed me in the ribs--quite hard I might add.

Did you, madam, say a requisite "pardon me" or "sorry" or "excuse me"?

Why no, madam, you did not.

You shoved both me and the woman behind me into the side rail so that you could heave yourself up the stairs.

You win the impoliteness award for the end of February.

I do not wish you the best, nor do I bid you good day.



Jenni said...

What is wrong with people?

In instances like this I like to think up horribly embarassing reasons as to their behavoir.

I think she pooped her pants.

Megarita said...

I think it's hilarious that you denied her the good day. BURN!!

Maybe a well-timed "OW!" would have sufficed?

Hope you're on the mend.

Benny K said...

I always love your open letters.

Just Me said...

I too have met this woman!