04 March 2008


a spate of confusing articles in the Washington Post in which women are excoriated or given back handed compliments or ignored or told that they should think twice before doing things like going ice rock climbing, I must say this:

It's embarrassing that we have to sit around and figure out if women are as smart or smarter than men or if men are as good or better than women.

These arguments are lame.

I know for a fact that I like smart people; I like to date smart men and I like smart men who like to date smart women, and if that woman happens to be me, super.

But at the same time, if you want to date a woman or man who is not as smart as you are (or smarter than you are) good for you! If you want to date someone who is half your age plus seven, fabulous.

(Coughing is not producing any kind of interesting thoughts. Mea Culpa.)


Richard Madeley said...

The media have got to publish something new every day. Some of these reporters (no, make that 'most of them') find it difficult to be interesting and therefore produce these tedious lifestyle articles that make the rest of us feel bad about our lives. Yet imagine a world in which people are free to do whatever they like, without 'Big Media' being there to justify their choices. Advertisers spend most of their time advertising the same life. Fortunately, not everybody falls for the scam.

HomeImprovementNinja said...

Well, if they published stuff that was banal and non-controversial, no one would read it. It would be like reading the yellow pages.

And for the record, I think women are as smart as men. They are terrible drivers, but that's probably because they get distracted when they see signs for shoe sales and ice cream stores ;)

m.a. said...

Richard! So glad to have you here. Yes. You are correct.

And HIN,

We all know that I'm a much better driver than you, but I'll let you go on thinking that about other ladies if you so wish.

Washington Cube said...

I have nothing to say about the media or smart people. I do want to say something about ice and rocks. I just finished reading Thin Ice by Mark Bowen, and while I am not a "green" person and "save the whales," kinda girl, the book presented interesting scientific data about the melting of the polar caps (which we all knew), but what I really learned was about these scientists going off and climbing glaciers to obtain ice cores to "read" and study climatology.

Wanna know what they all say? ALL of them? And these are scientists, not granola chewing crystal blue persuasion sun grope people? Most of these scientists are also "mountaineers," and to a "T" they all say, "You have to respect the mountain. If you take from it (in their case, ice cores,) you have to apologize to the mountain or give back. Failure to do so, and the mountain will teach you a lesson. Isn't that interesting? Not one of them disputes this.

Casey said...

Maybe womenfolk shouldn't oughta be using big words like excoriatin

m.a. said...


Thanks for sharing the information. You are a smart women. The men are swooning now.


The womenfolk do what they do. You know that.

cuff said...

Generalizations...the bane of humanity. My list of generalizations includes a distrust of drivers with Maryland license tags, thorough contempt for drivers of BMWs (esp. with Maryland tags), pity for drivers of Hummers, and peace, love, and understanding for my fellow bicyclists.

Grad School Reject said...

I dated a "not-smart" girl for about a month in high school. It was one of the most awkward experiences of my life.

I am fortunate to have found a woman who complements me pretty well. Also, all of her friends are really smart and will play games with me online :)

Casey said...

They sure do, and it excoriates me. I think.