30 April 2008

Unoriginal thoughts about the Eames House.

I imagine that I will get to visit the Eames house in Palisades, California at some point in my life. I think that the first time I saw a photograph of the house, I imagined that I would be seeing it with one person and now I think that I'll be seeing it with another person altogether. Or possibly by myself.

( A quick digression. I keep thinking about Weezer and the Blue Album, which is, arguably, their best album. And that song. 'The world has turned and left me here.' I feel like I have lived this song for the last few days. This next fact is unimportant, but the band hasn't performed that song live since 1996 or 1997. It would be good to hear--especially if they were to tour and I were to get a ticket to see them. But instead of the band, I'd give just about anything to hear a friend's cover of that song. I miss that friend. 1998 might have been the last year I heard that cover. I want to do a cover but I am not cool enough to drop D tune my guitar.)

In any case, the Eames house, at least for me, encourages a similar aesthetic experience to the Mondrian painting. The lines, the seeming order of modernism, particularly in that house, create a calm, and the colors and form allude to the painting of the earlier post. For me, this house is a break from the east coast--a departure from the confusion and cramped living of the city that I live in. The one that I have grown to love.

I really shouldn't write more about it until I actually see the inside of the house and see more of it. But for now, I'll leave you with a photograph to draw parallels and similarities, or you may comment about the differences or your own aesthetic reaction to this stuff.

I'd like to know what y'all think.


Dexter Colt said...

The interior of the house (as seen in photos on Flickr) is more aesthetically pleasing than the exterior (in my opinion).

The interior has that comfortable loft look. Though I'd prefer less clutter myself. The exterior is too messy for my tastes. And that roof reminds me of those houses you see in a shanty town. A good driving rain must sound like a symphony of snare drums.

Megarita said...

i have to say that our aesthetics differ on this one, MA. But it's an original.

And why don't you do the Weezer song in another key?