01 May 2008

And now for a brief interlude of levity.

Happy May day, y'all.

Yesterday evening, after eating at Les Halles, a French restaurant in DC that is pretty damned yummy, I was lucky enough to attend Zombie Strippers at E Street theater.

The audience was certainly one appreciative of B Movie irony, Nietzschian philosophy and awesomely cool campy political dialogue.

Best lines of the movie:

"But zey are good girlz."


"Zombie Strippers."

And one of the coolest parts of the evening was getting a ride home in a cute red Porsche that is nearly as old as I am.

Fabulous company, great food, campy film.

A+ evening.

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cuff said...

Interesting. I didn't realize this movie was for real. I'm that out of the loop. Les Halles is definitely a tremendous restaurant, and not nearly as expensive as one might think (though the tab can add up...). It's a good place to hit after the theater or an evening party to fill up on frittes and a bit more.