21 May 2008

The Bungalow: Haiku.


"What? I never said
that my house is a bungalow?"
I was unsurprised.

One that sits in Troy
the bungalow that is mine
or perhaps, will be.

If only the one
that is in my neighborhood
were affordable.

in taste can't undo the rest
of that which can't be.

in that one sweet dream
the girls ran past me and we
had a house like this.


a little of this, a little of that... said...

Many of the nice bungalows here and where I used to live are in neighborhoods near campus, mostly in use as college student housing. Not cheap to rent, less so to buy. Nice to spend an evening drinking on, though.

Megarita said...

LOVE a bungalow! The ones I like in Hotlanta are a quillion dollars. Hellooooo condo hell.

Jean said...

soOOOoo, it wasn't like 'bungalow' in a figurative way, then. huh.

I adore no.4.
I so understand.