10 June 2008

The Culture of Heat.

This 'heat wave' in DC for the last few days has done nothing but encourage me to stay indoors and embrace a bit of misanthropy.

I don't know if it is the heat, the expansiveness of heat, or the fact that I had to go downtown yesterday that made me upset to be in the city. I didn't want to be on the metro with everyone else. We were all sweaty and gross.

And I guess many people don't want to pay almost five dollars a gallon for gas. (I know that the Brits and Europeans have us beat with eight dollars a gallon). If I had a car, I might have just driven it yesterday to be away from everyone else.

I think that I would have even been happier riding a bike or something through town.

I also thank everyone for the advice. I don't know what advice I'll take, but thanks anyhow.
I don't like posts where I whine. I reread that one and was horrified.

All I'm good for is naps right now, so I'll catch you after it stops being so damned hot.


cuff said...

Trust me, it wasn't that much fun riding a bike these last few days. At least on the uphill journey home it wasn't...downhill it was fine.

Washington Cube said...

I put up a piece complaining about the heat, and I hated myself for doing it, and took it down. :)