17 June 2008

What the hell, Columbia Heights? (A ramble)

I spent the day in bed. And no, it was not fun.

I caught a terrible cold and while the rest of the world was productive, I whined to friends about how unwell I was. Thank you, gchat!

I'm a pain in the rear when I don't feel well.


Later that evening, I felt better, so I agreed to meet Ms. MG! for a quick meal at Potbelly. She was the first person I had seen all day, so of course, I talked her ear off.

We talked about a bizarre episode in which a person drove a car down 13th st NW and destroyed a bunch of other cars to the point where some cars were torn from their axles. It was insane!

I don't understand why someone would purposefully drive through a neighborhood and destroy so much property.

So here's where the 'what the hell' comes into play:

As I was walking home from my lovely dinner, I noticed a lot of police officers sitting around in squad cars. Marked cars. Unmarked cars. I started to get a little uncomfortable.

The weather is much cooler than it has been; people seemed less annoyed at the world on upper 14th street NW.

And then as I started to cross the street at Newton and and the police lights started to flash. The Vice cops came out. They were wearing kevlar vests and gloves and they seemed like they meant business.

I was wearing jeans, a tank top and flip flops and I was carrying a Target bag.

I wasn't prepared for a showdown.

I started walking faster down the street and I hurried from the scene, not looking back. I was like Lot leaving Sodom and Gomorrah. I think that something was about to go down.

Perhaps it didn't, but I didn't want to be around if something did happen.

I know that this neighborhood isn't perfect and that I'm a new part of it, but the vice cops?

I don't know that I know my neighborhood that well. I don't know that I know anything that well.

(And Madame Blue Dog! Welcome back. And I can't believe that your brother's not married yet.)


Megarita said...

Hahaha. I have a great image of you hauling ASS in flip-flops now. Yeah, we all get the Vice cops every now and again. At least they're around, right? Right?

cuff said...

I think Target is harboring a clandestine massage parlor in housewares. And don't even get me started on Bed Bath and Beyond...we all know what the "beyond" stands for...

HomeImprovementNinja said...

yeah, I saw those cars that were hit, it's right by the fortress. Oddly enough, a few weeks before on Florida and 18th, I saw the same thing, a bunch of cars side-swiped and one car on the curb, missing an axle. I think they caught the guy in the Florida ave one though.

hope you're feeling better.

Claven said...

A.) Now I really know that MG! does not in fact exist.

2.) Remember to run flat-footed in flip-flops.

III.) The cops rove my neighborhood looking for suspects or preparing for a bust a little more frequently than I would like. And I'm next door to boystown. I thought it would be safer.