16 August 2008

Jason Lezak! Jason Lezak!

Wonderful job, Olympic boyfriend!

Congrats to you and Michael Phelps, Aaron Piersol and Brendan Hansen.

And yes, even though I got tired of listening about Michael Phelps, I do think that he is an amazing athlete.

I was yelling from my couch for Jason to swim faster (like he could hear me). That was after I yelled for Dara Torres twice. Age is just a number. I want to be like her one day. (Well, as much as a 5'3 3/4" slow swimmer can be like her, but whatevs! )

Yay Olympic swimmers!

But the most congratulations and best wishes go to my super wonderful Olympic boyfriend. All 6'4" of you! WOOOO!

P.S. Water polo players are so tall and gorgeous. Claven, you fit in well with those guys.


Megarita said...

Yeah, I was on my feet for Torres, and I was whooping for the relay. I had the distinct sense that those three guys keep Phelps humble. I was just sorry that my lovely Lochte was not in attendance. :)

suicide_blond said...

i rooted for YOUR Olympic boyfriend..cause you know me.. i couldnt pick just ONE...
i have an olympic fantasy team...

Jackart said...

Of course everyone's talking about Britain being #3 in the Medal table aren't they?

Claven said...

Uh, I play beer league water polo at the YMCA.

I didn't grow up out here. But it was funny to learn that water polo players are often considered the "jocks" in Southern California high schools. In college I played mostly against prep school dorks.

ma said...


It was so much fun to root for her, wasn't it!

SB, I'm glad you rooted for Jason!


We at the culture wars are quite proud of our British friends. Unless they are swimming against my olympic boyfriend and then all bets are off. And since swimming is over, I can root for the Britons as well! Woot!


Please, darling friend. Just take the damned compliment. You are tall and attractive and you play water polo. So you fit in well in my mind. Take the compliment! Take it!