18 August 2008

New gym pal and New Kitchen Pal!

Monday at the gym:

So, as I was climbing on to the stationary bike, a lovely gentleman asked for my assistance with the recumbent bike. Let's call him Carl. I was more than happy to help. Once we got Carl started on his 30 minute ride, we had a short conversation about how he was training for a fifty mile bike ride so that he could ride to his 50th high school reunion.

Damn, Carl!

He's totally awesome. He smoked me. He pedaled quickly and I could tell that this bike ride was going to be a piece of cake. I hope Carl's high school sweetheart is there to admire his bike riding ability. As I was pedaling along, and he said, "you're doing a great job!" I felt so encouraged.

So now, he's totally my new gym pal. Yay Carl!

I had to explain that my Ipod wasn't a heart monitor and we had a laugh.

I can't quit this gym. Everyone is too nice and they entertain me, and I hope I entertain them.

Now for the new kitchen pal:

This weekend I had to say goodbye to a house guest who was sleeping on the couch for a while. She's a good friend and I'll miss her. But let me tell you! She gave me one of the coolest gifts ever (sennet (?) sound!):

And as one totally awesome coworker put it: "You are one lucky Beyotch!"

I know!

Yes! So now, this lucky beyotch will make all of you cookies and cupcakes and cake to your little hearts' content.

Hooray! Red Velvet, chocolate, whatever!


Essentially Me said...

My gym is full of douchebags which is why I work out outside.

Essentially M e said...

Holy fuck you got a kitchen aide mixer?!?! NICE FRIEND!

Dexter Colt said...

Well, now I fully expect cookies...

cuff said...

How long is a long time for a couch surfer if the parting gift is a kitchen aid mixer? Most people need to get married to get one of those things.

Anonymous said...

Nice. We should all have Cookie Exchanges. I've got dibs on Peanut Butter!

Megarita said...

That's hilarious. She obviously realized that she stayed TOO LONG. THe mixer definitely takes the edge off, though!

Velvet said...

I love those mixers. So retro, and they are way better than the hand mixers which get cake batter all over my walls.

Jean said...

I definitely support dessert before dinner and also kitchen-stocking before marriage.. You never know, so enjoy :)