06 August 2008

Stories of Cupcakes.

This time, I was going to try it myself.

With the help of Paula Deen--well, with the help of her recipe--I decide to embark on making Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting . Was I little inspired by the women of Georgetown Cupcake? Yes. Would I ever want to do this for a job? Um, no, because it's hard and I managed to burn myself. (This time I burned the top of my forearm (just a small burn) and luckily I had a first aid kit that included Hello Kitty! Band aids.)

And Stella, my cat coworker, glared at me and refused to help in this endeavor (and luckily I have a good photographer for a house guest who is able to capture such animosity):

So I was forced to make the cupcakes on my own. The recipe can be found on the Food Network website. It wasn't all that time consuming, but I think that I will only make these cupcakes for special occasions from now on. I really do love red velvet cupcakes and the idea of them just makes me super happy.

What's interesting is that I associate Red Velvet cupcakes/cake with hearth and home and certain people. This sentimental attachment to RV cupcakes certainly won't stop me from making other cupcakes for special occasions. It was fun to make these. However, this adventure will NOT stop me from going to Georgetown. I love those cupcakes too too much.

There are a few complications at work and all things won't be resolved as immediately as I had hoped, but in order to keep my spirits up, I decided to do some baking. And since there was no way that I was going to eat all of the cupcakes myself, I decided to take them to work and give them away. (That way, if I ruined Ms. Deen's recipe, I wouldn't be left to suffer the consequences all alone.)

But in the end, the cupcakes turned out quite well, I think:


suicide_blond said...

the ladies of g-town cupcake came to my rescue once with 4 dozen petite perfections.. and they also.. taught me a good cupcake lesson..
dont put them in the fridge..store them covered- but at room temp.. the fridge dries them out..

Megarita said...

This might sound weird, but I've always found red velvet to be a little...satanic looking. I don't mean like THE DEVIL but there's something a little dark and violent looking about red velvet when it comes out of the oven. Your pictures reminded me of this.

Or maybe I'm a loon. Always a possibility.

m.a. said...

SB, They are the BEST! Aren't they?
I remembered your tip. :)

Megarita, Oh no! I am evil. That's what it is, isn't it? :(

Essentially Me said...

Three words: om nom nom.

JordanBaker said...

Those are GORGEOUS. The color is awesome (and you know I'm a red velvet connisseur, stanic or not). Well done!

m.a. said...


Thank you!


From you, the queen of the kitchen, that is a compliment of the highest order.

Thank you!

Jean said...

Today i was compelled to get a local divine cupcake, after ruminating on your blog for a few hours....

I found an awesome recipe in my Good Housekeeping book for coffee cream cheese icing. ooooh. gotta try that.

i was thinking about your last blog and i think what it is about about cream cheese icing that is perfect is......well, the cream cheese.

muah. and...are you attempting to start some DC/NY cupcakes wars bc we can bring it too...