09 October 2008

Another reason why I wish that Steve Inskeep could be my friend.

He doesn't even have to be my best friend. I just want to meet him for coffee once a week. That way, I can tell him how he made me laugh twice this morning by emphasizing two things during today's Morning Edition (these are very approximate quotes):

"Listen. If you are driving and using your blackberry and using a laptop all at once, stop. Multitasking makes you do stupid things!"

"According to a worldwide banking survey Canada has the safest banks in the world. The United States is 40th--behind Germany, Sweden and Namibia. Namibia? Listeners! Your money is safer in Namibia!"

Then he LOLed.

I really want to be his friend. Steve! Call me!


cuff said...

Did you also hear him talk over one of the reporters with his signoff "And I'm Steve Inskeep," then when the reporter had finished, he sneaked in a quick "And I'm Steve Inskeep" as if nothing had happened. Brilliant.

suicide_blond said...

sooo...im totally sluttier than you..cause when he says stuff like that...it makes me wanna make out with him...

susan said...

Oh, Inskeep. I've been hearing it wrong all this time. I always heard Insky. As in, "Hey, it's the Stevenator! The Stevester! Steveinsky!"

Megarita said...

Susan and I were having the same problem. I am ashamed.