18 October 2008

Design within Reach? Well...

After a pleasant lunch with a friend in Adams-Morgan, I strolled past one of my favorite furniture stores, Design within Reach. Truth be told, the furniture is out of reach for me (and most people), by a long shot. I know that this furniture is an investment and I'm certainly starting to think about investing in furniture. I move next week and soon after that, I am going to buy a new dining room table and chairs, but it looks like I'll definitely be purchasing them from somewhere other than DWR, for sure.

I walked around the store and looked at some pretty incredible furniture including a terrific George Nelson desk, the "one day if I can do it without bankrupting myself" Eames lounge chair, and the Eero Saarinen Tulip chairs and table (a version of which I know and loved that my cousin's wife got in a divorce--and she doesn't even understand what she has!).

In any case, I looked at everything from the beautiful molded plywood to the lamps to the spine bookshelf and I kept thinking how everything in there was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

I walked out of the store and the associate called after me, "Thanks for coming by!"

I replied, "I came to visit the furniture. I love the designers and it's like a museum here."

He said, "Don't forget to come back when you are ready to buy!"

I certainly will not. I'll go by again when I want to visit the furniture again.

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suicide_blond said...

i can hardly believe it happened but i found one of those eames loungers like in your picture at the dump... a guy had it in the back of a big moving truck and i asked if he was gonna toss it and he said "yeah..it came with the truck"... he let me have it....SCORE!!! now..i never turn my nose up at a good dumpster dive!