17 October 2008

John of Gaunt?

I've been thinking a lot about John of Gaunt lately. I can't exactly say that I know why, but I'm going to consider this line of thought.


O how that name befits my composition!
Old Gaunt indeed, and gaunt in being old:
Within me grief hath kept a tedious fast;
And who abstains from meat that is not gaunt?
For sleeping England long time have I watch'd;
Watching breeds leanness, leanness is all gaunt:
The pleasure that some fathers feed upon,
Is my strict fast; I mean, my children's looks;
And therein fasting, hast thou made me gaunt:
Gaunt am I for the grave, gaunt as a grave,
Whose hollow womb inherits nought but bones.


Megarita said...

I love Richard's response to those lines, too. "Can sick men play so nicely with their names?" (Are you having a Harry Berger moment?)

ma said...

Oh, dear. I could be having a Harry Berger moment.