11 December 2008

Misreadings when I'm tired.

I was looking at the Washington Post online and saw this headline:

Md. Regulators Against Taking Back Power Plants.

However, I misread the headline and thought it said, "Maryland Regulators Against Taking Back Power PANTS."

I started thinking about what would constitute power pants? Pants that make your ass look fantastic? Pants that make you dance better? Pants that make you run faster, jump higher attract more people to you?

And if they are the British pants/underwear, THAT makes things even more interesting.

I now know that I am one tired girl at the end of the semester.

I do hope that you all get Power Pants for Christmas or Hanukkah.


mysterygirl! said...

Ha! Power pants definitely make your ass look great, so great you can't NOT shake it a little as you walk down the street.

Lord Chimmy said...

What can't power pants do?! I just hate when my power pants are at the cleaners.