21 April 2009

A little Advice?

No matter what it is lately, I've had trouble getting back on track after a derailment or two.

What is it that makes one bounce back?

Distractions? A Vacation? Figuring out what you want next?

Hopefully, cleaning my office today will help me with some of that, and I'll have something to write that isn't so rhetorical in the next future.

Hope the alternating days of rain and sun aren't too psychically damaging.


cs said...

Depends on what you're trying to bounce back from. Academically, I find going to conferences energizing, and it doesn't help either to have a little competition to live up to...I miss that a lot (not because I blow away my competition, but because I am not laboring directly in the field where it matters).

Washington Cube said...

1) do small cleaning projects that are contained and not overwhelming...getting rid of shoes, old makeup, old things in medicine chest in bathroom, spices.

2) get some fresh air

3) vitamins, or vitamin waters. Keep your fluids up.

4) Make a short list of things you can fulfill daily and weekly...so you have things you can check off. Keep it small.

5)Take naps whenever you feel you need them.

6) Join my Twitter account I got badgered into getting by the bloggers. I'm on there as Washington Cube. That's an easy thing to do....I think.

7)Go for a ride into the countryside.

8) Today is free scoop at Ben and Jerry's. Go get some ice cream.

9) call a friend just to chat

10) Go find Velvet's discarded sex toys in the dumpster and blog about them.

Velvet said...

Hey! Cube!!! Not nice!!! Besides I'd need to give MA some batteries cause those were running on nada!

alot, alot said...

A few that sometimes work for me:

- Do something you enjoy doing that has nothing to do with the derailments.

- Find a nice, quiet, scenic place to think. Just think. About whatever. Clear the mind. Long drives work for me, but I'm sure you can find something around you.

- Call the engineers and let them fix it.

alot, alot said...

- Write about something that you enjoy writing about. Like house types.

Essentially Me said...

What makes one bounce back? Knowing that there is no other choice. Life is to be lived. That's as good a reason as any. The best reason, actually.

Dexter Colt said...

I never did bounce back. I drank too much and wrote cryptic things in notebooks. It didn't help much.

Jeffery said...

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