23 April 2009

Shakespeare's Birthday!

It's that time of year again.

A better head her glorious body fits
Than his that shakes for age and feebleness:
What should I don this robe, and trouble you?
Be chosen with proclamations to-day,
To-morrow yield up rule, resign my life,
And set abroad new business for you all?
Rome, I have been thy soldier forty years,
And led my country's strength successfully,
And buried one and twenty valiant sons,
Knighted in field, slain manfully in arms,
In right and service of their noble country
Give me a staff of honour for mine age,
But not a sceptre to control the world:
Upright he held it, lords, that held it last.

Name the play. No googling.

Happy Day. Enjoy this peice of a play or read a whole one yourself.
Don't forget Shakespeare as he wouldn't forget you were he alive.
I'm sure he was polite.


Washington Cube said...

I know, but I want someone else to answer, so I'm not going to say. I've been reading Willy Shakes since I was very young.

I do go back and read him, and others, when I feel out of kilter with the world, which I very much do today. Too many hits and not enough time to get up before the next one came.

I think Shakespeare saw it all and took things in like a sponge. I agree. He was polite. He knew too much about the damages within men, and it gave him empathy.

Claven said...

I will answer in Friends titles. Either "the one with the tragedy" or "the one with the comedy."

cs said...

This one uses a proper name for a title and is about a guy who dies.

Hm. That describes nearly all of his plays, especially the tragedies.

Let's just say it has something to do with salad.

Washington Cube said...

Too funny, Cuff. I'm still not saying. Claven needs to put their thinkin' cap on.