19 October 2009

A new schedule.

About three weeks ago, I started waking up early to go to the gym. I am, by no means, an early riser or a morning person. However, there's a beauty to waking up and putting on gym clothes and stumbling (sometimes dashing) out of the door at 6:15am to get to the gym.

I feel good about my effort, but totally humbled by the people who are leaving the gym by the time I get there. They are rockstars. I feel like a slightly lesser rockstar, but a rockstar nonetheless.

Being up and working out this early has been an adjustment.

At first, I wanted to eat everything in sight all day after I worked out.

Now things have calmed down considerably.

I am starting to enjoy watching the sun rise as I reach the halfway point of my early morning. And I think that in some way this new morning ritual is a way for me to encourage myself to do things that I wasn't before.

I know that I am writing about the minutia of my life, but at least I am writing, right?


Jackart said...


Good to have you back, MA

Blue Dog Art said...

It is good to have you back. It is good that you are working out too! Lot's of changes for me again, but I'm trying to follow some of my favorite bloggers again.

Essentially Me said...

You are my hero.

Seriously. I can't even work out AT NIGHT let alone that early in the morning.

And I'm glad you are back to writing.