30 November 2009

Does anyone remember?

Recently I saw a friend I haven't seen in ten years.

It's amazing when you can say something like that. Ten years can really go by. A significant ten years. But I digress.

We talked about our college experiences. We went to the same school, but didn't really do anything together, and yet, we ended up as friends anyway. (I like when that stuff happens.)

But meeting with her got me thinking. About writing about college.

I'm not saying that my experience was that unique. But I will admit that where I ended up going to school was incredibly unique. So much so that I think that a few of the college's graduates could write books about our experiences and we wouldn't even really compete with each other in the marketplace.

I have an idea for a book about that, and an idea for a book that would have been good for me to sell out for and shill on Oprah's book club.

Damn you, Oprah for leaving television before I can get a draft of this feel good novel done.

Damn you.


Essentially Me said...

Hey, maybe she'll keep her little side projects going.

Write the book!

Jenni said...

I was thinking the exact same thing about Oprah. But she's creating her own network, and I know in my heart of hearts she'll be back for more.

Write it!