06 January 2010

Set to handwrite for a week.

I am going on a holiday until next week and I've opted not to take a laptop.

This will be the first time  that I've not traveled with a computer in years.  I am going to see if handwriting makes me more aware of the process of writing, or if it makes me lazier.  Who knows?  I could end up being my own Dorothy Wordsworth for my very own William Wordsworth--only I'm not going to be in Lake Country, I won't write any pastoral poetry and I'll probably be a bit funnier.

I'm hoping that the sights and sounds will awaken something in me.

Or at least I'll get good photographs.

Happy New Year!

1 comment:

Jenni said...

Use a pen-Sometimes the things that get erased end up being the best stuff!
Have fun!