12 February 2010

An Early Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year Post.

A lot changes in a year.

It's amazing and reassuring that stuff that used to be difficult to ponder truly does get relegated to the annals of the past somehow.  Time can be restorative, a quiet analgesic that slowly heals all sorts of discomfort--emotional or otherwise.

 I'm glad that Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day are interconnected this year. I am reminded that there is a whole world out there to see and to write about.

I will tell the people I care about what they mean to me, and I won't wait in awkward silence for them to return the sentiment.  It is enough that I love them.

And I'm going to think of the great snowstorm of 2010 as reset button. A week to think about what I'd like to do in the next year, where I'd like to go, and with whom I'd like to spend time.

Sure my apartment needs to be tidied and it's time for me to go back to the gym and to stop rolling my eyes at the annoying runners who can't take one or two snow days off from running around on DC's streets, and I could use a better job title, but mostly, I am happy.

So Happy Valentine's day to you, my dear six or seven readers, and Happy Chinese New Year.


alot, alot said...

A happy Valentine's Day and New Year to you, too, dear blogger.

Blue Dog Art said...

And the same to you M.A.

Jenni said...

Happy [belated] Valentines Day to you m.a.!