08 February 2010

The Prisoner of Petworth (in haiku).


Because of the snow
I sit alone in my flat
wondering what's next.


Four blocks of Petworth
here is where I feel confined
soon, I will leave


Metro cannot run
 above ground and so we wait
for the snow to clear


Yes. Snowblivion!
We are supposed to get more
the weatherman says.


There is The Wire
It has kept me entertained.
I LOVE Baltimore.


Jenni said...

We just got some snow
A shit-load to be exact
Welcome to my world.

ma said...

I wonder if I could handle Minnesota. At least y'all know what to do with the snow. We just cry and sit in the house. >:(

If the winters turn into this all of the time, then we need to learn the ways of the Minnesotans.

Jenni said...

To be honest, we're not much different. We just stand outside and swear at our vehicles that are stuck in the snow.