22 February 2010

A moment of Olympic fun.

During the summer of 2008,  my Olympic boyfriend was the oh so wonderful Jason Lezak.  How I loved him!  But as you all well know, summer infatuation soon fades and here I find myself nearly two years later with a brand new Olympic boyfriend, one Aksel Lund Svindal.

He's from Norway, he's a downhill skier, and I fancy him quite a bit.

What's not to like about a Viking who hurls himself down snowy mountains at unbelievable speeds? Yes, yes, Americaphiles, Bode Miller is a great skier as well, and he bested Lund Svindal in the Super G combined, but Miller's antics in 2006 in Turino left me a bit unimpressed. Don't get me wrong, I  appreciate the whole "party-guy maverick gone good" story, and Miller is a very handsome man too, but Aksel Lund Svindal is my 2010 Olympic boyfriend.

I know that you'll end up with some kind of a supermodel with a medical degree who will take care of you, Aksel, and you totally deserve it, but for rest of the Olympics, I'm glad, nay excited, to give you the moniker of my Olympic boyfriend! Congrats on the gold medal and the silver medal.

Du er det best, Aksel!

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Megarita said...

I LOVE HIM TOO. I love his story and his cute face.