26 March 2010

The Wire.

After I finish watching the fifth and final season of The Wire on DVD, I am going to write about it. There are so many things to say.

So many things to say.  Not the least that it was, indeed, the best damned show on television.

 (I cried a lot during season four.  I couldn't handle all of the sadness with the children.)

Best quote of Season Five: After an older newspaper reporter explains to a rookie that people cannot be evacuated, but buildings can be. He says,  oh so righteously, "At the Baltimore Sun, God still resides in the details." 


Washington Cube said...

Loved The Wire. LOVED it. Could not stand it when Stringer and Omar got killed. Have you been watching Treme? Not the same impact, but not bad.

I'm trying to blog again. We'll see. It's hard. Takes hours to do one piece. Who has that kind of time? Unless you're Courtney Love talking about her herpes scars on Twitter.

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