18 April 2010

Something that scares me.

I have no problem with people wanting to own guns.  I don't want to own one, but I do not want to stop anyone from owning one. 

However, that being said, this open carry demonstration rally being held a few miles south of DC in Northern Virgina tomorrow scares me.   I don't believe that all of the people gathering together are angry about so many things.  So much more than a right to carry a weapon into a city or on an airplane.

They are angry about the economy, and the fact that they now have to pay for healthcare, and that they have to pay taxes on things that they always had to pay taxes on.  They also seem to be profoundly uncomfortable with educated people who have differing views.

I would love it if a conservative with a clear, concise message would explain his or her problem with healthcare or taxes or the constitution for that matter would speak in a language that made sense to me.  


cs said...

"Conservative with clear concise views"... they're everywhere, but those clear concise views are pretty stupid, like Bush's "They hate us because of our freedom." It's clear. It's concise. But it's stupid.

Casey said...

I'm not sure what conservative even means. I don't consider it a very conservative act to carry a gun in public.

Washington Cube said...

Peeking in.