07 March 2008

Columbia Heights Shopping Culture.

Last night and friend and I ventured into the new Target in Columbia Heights.

Sure, many people have been to a Target, but not many people have been to a Target in Columbia Heights, a confluence of the affluent and the poor, the highly educated and the barely educated, the patient and the entitled.

If nothing else, it is a well laid out store. It is on two floors and is fairly well organized and has so many things to purchase. Although, it is strange to me that this Target has so many grocery items, I suppose that the supermarches of the UK and Europe are already here in many senses. It just seems like cities--such as the district--are hold outs.

I especially enjoyed watching the "confabulous fabtraption"* that carries shopping carts (or trolleys depending on where you're located) to the second floor.

The place will also be a nexus of people speaking and spending several different languages, coming from all parts of the globe, and all wanting to find fine (or good enough) things for their household in this store.

I'm sure that on busy days, this store will be a nightmare, but last night, with a good sized crowd and all of the check lanes moving quickly and efficiently, I think that it will be a good place to pick up things to keep that tiny apartment of mine, neat and clean.

I know that there are many more ominous things that I could say about the shopping center--about what it represents, about its effect on the cityscape, about the 'types' of stores occupying the spaces.

But for now, I shall tout its organization, cleanliness and fantastic service at the checkout. The young man who assisted me was very helpful and nice. I'll be sure to get into his line again.

*10 points to the person who knows where that comes from.


Jenni said...

I love Target, and being from MN the "Home of Target" I feel proud that my fellow Minnesotans at the Target corporate offices can make people across this great land of ours who just walk in to buy toothpaste, spend $85 on other "stuff."

Pure marketing genius.

cuff said...

I've got to get a dig on this place. I will say it drives the final nail into the coffin of having to drive to Virginia for ANYTHING (Home Depot, nail #1; Trader Joe's, nail #2; Target, nail #3).

a little of this, a little of that... said...

Looking forward to your thoughts on the 'scapes and spaces of Target. I am constantly intrigued by geographical aspects of the retail world(s).

Target may be a bane for some, but I'm fairly sure that Super Target saved my life the year I spent in Dakota.

m.a. said...

Jenni, Target is pretty genius.

Cuff, you have to go. And the toys are on the second floor so if you don't want the kiddies to see them, you're fine.

Alot, I will go into more detail for you! :)