06 February 2010

Snowhere to go. Thanks, Snowblivion.

Lest I continue on with terrible puns and jeux de mots, I will go ahead and say that this snow storm would be much more interesting if I had the right kit to go out into it properly. (That and if I didn't manage to catch some kind of a cold on Thursday.) There's a circle not too far from my apartment and I'd love to see what it and the rest of my neighborhood looks like now.   Perhaps I'll go tomorrow when the snow stops falling.

I walked down to the lobby  to see what the snow looked like just from the front steps. All of the shoveling that was done has already been covered up. 

I know that my friends way up North, out West and in the Midwest think that this snow is a good amount, but nothing to panic about.  I know that my friends across the pound would be horrified if this amount of snow were ever to grace (or curse?) their land.

Right now, I'm watching the snow spiral outside of my second floor window, which looks out into an alley--ah, yes, city living-- and it is hypnotizing. I don't really have the focus to watch a movie, but I seem to have no problem staring at what amounts to a visual representation of white noise.

I couldn't really capture the white noise effect well, because I am too lazy to pull out a real camera. The 3 megapixel one will have to do for now, folks.

Love it or hate it, the snow makes you slow down, even if you have to get out there and go to work or save a life or something.  Since I have none of those things to do,  I'll sit with tea and honey and continue to watch the snow spirals until I come up with something better to do. I will likely rest and think, write and think, read and think and perhaps later, do dishes and think.

Watching the city clean up from this mess will be fun.  I don't miss my basement apartment this winter. Not at all.


Blue Dog Art said...

We have 25"+ in Alexandria. My kids may not go back to school until next month...

Jenni said...

Welcome to my own personal hell. We're getting a two day snow storm starting sometime this afternoon.

Here's to "white noise."

Is it spring yet?